Merk You Mondays

by Rhema Soul

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(free) 03:10


released February 7, 2011



all rights reserved


Rhema Soul Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Kid's Summers
Song: Kid's Summers
Artist: Rhema Soul
Juanlove Verse:
Landed in Miami from Queens, New York,
A little tyke rocking some Batman underoos
Mom and Dad thought it best to chase the sun shine
And there I was to pull the rug out from under you
Without a doubt i was a misfit from early on
Full of questions and answers to stir me on
Chasing the neigbors dog, one with the beach bums
Playing ding dong ditch munching on peach plums
Stubborn as a tack, I mumbled in the back
And cut you off mid sentence like a lumberjack
Knee high socks, kicks with velcro
Not a care in the world but copping some shell toes
Then Papi left, and there I was
Forced to man up and scrape the dirt up off my elbows
But it was all good and never were my days dull
So I arose to protect the Castle of Greyskull

I remember back back back when it was such a simple time
If I could go back back back back to
The summer of a simple mind
I wish you could go back back back back wit me because it's so different then
Maybe if back track back back back
We can go back to that kid again..
(child like faith)

K-Nuff Verse:
Late 80s new York it was hot summer
I found a tree with a shade and got spot under
"I had to jump back to kiss my self"
Reciting "Big Daddy Cain" fresh of the shelf
And my high top fade made me feel grown
Feeling taller but im still shorter because they still won't
Let me call next.. With the all the ball players.
They telling me not yet, maybe when you're a forth grader
I tell em step off that was my lingo
Im Too hype so im on to the next thing yo
Played skully on the block that I lived on
They called me muscle forhead because my will's strong
A young David, and a fighter
I had to give it on occasions to a few Goliath's
Eventhough I wasnt saved as a kid
I still wish had no fear and the faith that I did

Butta Verse:
Yo what up Harrisburg, Been a while yeah I heard alot done changed but I miss you that's my word what up with Sorrentos? I know he still around
I remember philly cheeses, middleswarth, we threw it down
city island was my spot watched boats like they was yatchs ballin at the parks reservoir my first shot
you remember that time Hershey park what's that ride? we was all stand in line first time thinking boys were fine
is the south still the same? quarter waters was my thang cousin April was my ace she taught me how to swing
things alot different now I made my way out
it wasnt nothin personal I hope you hear me out summer in the city miss them days life was easy panther pride with me, Hanna boys still pretty?
I miss them old days one day I'll come back but til then I gotta bounce I love you holla back...